Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Great Place to Soak Your Bones

There is a place within a 120 miles of Sacramento, which had escaped my visit before.  I had heard whispers of it, but had missed out on realities this treasure held secreted away.  Yesterday, I was allowed discovery.

Grover Hot Springs is peacefully cradled on the east side of the Sierras at 6,000 feet above sea level.  It is a pleasant 4 miles west of Markleeville, at the very end of Hot Springs Road.

There are telltale signs on nature's canvas, along the drive out of Markleeville to the Hot Springs.  Hot Spring Creek meanders peacefully across verdant meadows in copious shades of green!  From the ground, water springs forth at a hot 148 degrees.  It contains a variety of dissolved minerals, often found in thermal springs, which create interesting features as waters emerge. 

Because this prolonged winter season dumped double the average snowfall and rain on the Sierras, bountiful evidence is provided everywhere in the surrounding landscape.  The native grasses, trees, wildflowers, seem to be outdoing themselves in a way I have never seen. 

There is still a good amount of snow in the mountains.  We experienced an unexpected adventure with it, which I will blog about in a day or two. 

At Grover Hot Springs, there are two pools.  The green color of the older pool is attributed to the mineral content from the springs.  This pool is kept at approximately 102 degrees to please visitors.  There is also a newer cool water pool on-site.

Once privately owned, the facility is now part of the California State Park System.  There is nearby camping, and day use facilities as well.

I also highly suggest visitors to the area, check out the delightful town of Markleeville.  There are quaint shops, cafes and restaurants.  From Sacramento - A perfect day-trip or one tank of gas getaway!

For more information, you can visit the Grover Hot Springs website.

The website provides great information about the reasonable fees associated with the Grover Hot Springs and Campground.  There is also a resource for maps, directions, and amenities available in the park, and surrounding area.

Think: Fishing - Camping - Hiking - Swimming - Biking - Relaxing!

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